Reviews of auDA

auDA is committed to continuous improvement. We regularly review our processes, governance and organisation.

In October 2016, the auDA Board approved a Governance Report prepared by Cameron Ralph Khoury which included 16 recommendations. Significant progress has made towards implementing these recommendations including:

  • Board Strategic Retreat in February 2017
  • Development of Board and Management Delegations Manual
  • Board Professional Development (AICD workshop)
  • Development of Member Code of Conduct
  • Continual implementation of ASX Good Governance Principles

In May 2017, the auDA Board commissioned Cameron Ralph Khoury to assist with five governance projects stemming from recommendations of the 2016 Governance Review:

  • Conduct Board Evaluation
  • Develop Board Skills Matrix
  • Develop Board Charter and Code of Conduct
  • Review suite of Board policies
  • Reform Accountability and Transparency Framework

The Board and management are committed to continually improving the governance of auDA and ensuring the organisation is implementing best practice governance principles. The five strategic governance projects currently being undertaken will be extensive and in depth. The Board evaluation will be conducted over three months and include self-assessment questionnaires, Director and Executive interviews, 360-degree feedback as well as observation of three Board meetings.

The projects are expected to be completed by September 2017. A dedicated Governance section on the website is being developed and the outcomes of these governance projects will be made publicly available on the website.

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